A very personal challenge
28 oktober 2023 
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A very personal challenge

Warning, reader discretion advised! Read this post at your own risk.


This is a very personal post for me & mentally I’m standing naked here, it’s a challenge but also the right thing to do.

Here we go:

The last obstacle, the last lesson, the final ‘’addiction’’. It has been a tough one, yet most of the influential entrepreneurs and or spiritual teachers have had a period of or are still continuing to stay sexually absent.

Sexual transmutation so to say.


I’ve been addicted to alcohol, social media, fastfoods, gaming & gambling. Have been since I quit those habits or have found a way to minimize them to once or twice per year.

All above are about one chemical primarily: Dopamine, the body it’s own drug. Once you become addicted on it once, it’s very tough to steer clear from it. The last half year I have been struggling with the final addiction, sexual energy.

 Why is it such a tough one? Simple really: it’s the one true biological reason creatures exist, to procreate…
 Water and food you need for your body to function, protect and provide we do simply to gain access to and keep safety at procreation.

 I myself have been ‘’struggling’’ with sexuality and whether I’m straight, bi, gay whatsoever. But why have I been struggling, is it a real struggle? Over the past 6 months of staying on and off of sexual transmutation I have seen the influence in sexual preferences and have noticed that the less I think about it by ‘’simply’’ staying absent from it and not putting myself into tempting situations, the more I’m straight and the less I understand the LGBTQ+ community.

Do note, I am not nor have I ever been against LGBTQ+, I’ve got family members as well as very close friends that are within this community, even some of my clients are.
 But I am against the sexualisation of people, looking at somebody and thinking about sexual compatibility and or actions evolving from it. This however is something that is done in many places and makes a lot, I mean a sh*tload of money.. Duh, next to water and food it’s the next big thing & as I stated earlier, the biological reason…

 Why am I stating this?
 I’ve had a very enlightening experience today… Yesterday I was walking outside and promising myself that I would never have a fling etc, never doing the deed out of simple biological desire again. For this I blocked the one person I felt was most attracted to, kicked him out and promised to god as a new Christian that I want to pursue my dreams and goals more then ever.

 This morning he texted me on my personal number, apologized and it did something to me.. I immediately knew it was a test, though I have doubted & have had contact with a very dear friend of mine I eventually decided to steer clear of it.

So, what is the lesson?

The one thing that drives you most is either the thing that gets you to where you want to be or exactly what’s keeping you from it.

The magic you seek lies in the work you’re avoiding.


This I had avoided and ever since I started learning about it I have seen massive changes with the sexual transmutation. For me it’s the toughest thing to do and hardest to control, exactly why I do so.


So, challenge yourself with this as well, are you thinking about your partner for the biological need? Are you sleeping around for the same reason? If so, ask yourself, how much would my life change if this is what I would get a grip on and learn to control and utilize to my true desires.


Do note, this is just my personal view and I did this as a self-study. 

So I am curious:


What is your vision on this?

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